Safechaintoken offers simple and easy to use Decentralized Financefor beginners and advanced Investors

Building decentralized finance while growing the Safechaintoken ecosystem.

About Safechaintoken

Decentralized Finance made easy and accessible for everyone

The Safechaintoken Smart Contract is designed for fast token swaps, while having an extreme low token supply. This allows the Safechaintoken to rise faster than any other token.

We are building simple to access DeFi products for beginners and advanced investors. You will be able to swap tokens in an instant, provide liquidity for tokens and earn from it, farm new tokens and stake your tokens to generate passive income. Our products guarantee a high APR.

We are also planning to launch more contracts and use cases. For example, we want to build our own NFT Marketplace, where you can buy special NFTs while using our native utility token for any purchase.

Proof of Product

Safechainswap Platform

We successfully released our platform at the time indicated in our roadmap. Our platform was developed using state-of-the-art technology and offers you, as an investor, the opportunity to generate passive income.

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How to buy Safechaintoken


Download Metamask

Download Metamask here and setup your personal wallet.


Add BSC Network

A tutorial to add the BSC network to your Metamask wallet can be found here


Add SCT to Metamask

Here you will find a tutorial how to add Safechaintoken to your wallet.


Swap BNB -> SCT

You are now ready to buy your tokens. You can swap your BNB for SCT here

Released Product


Staking is the best way to gain passive income with your assets without trading or selling them.

Our Staking product is live since the end of December. You are able to stake your Safechaintoken on our platform.

There are three staking pools. You can decide if you stake your SCT for 30 days, 60 days or 90 days.

While your Safechaintoken are locked for the chosen period of time you will still be able to harvest your staking rewards whenever you want.

Growth Potential
The Binance Smart Chain has enormous trading volume per day so there is a huge market the Safechaintoken can take a share of with it's cost-efficient and easy to use Safechainswap.
Join the movement and become a Liquidity Provider and earn passive income with your crypto currencies. You can easily provide liquidity in any token or coin you hold.

Trading Volume / day

Audit and KYC

Audit and KYC for more transparency

We contracted with reputable audit firm Solidproof to demonstrate the security of our development structure and to prove our team's intent to be fully transparent with the Safechaintoken community.


Our way



In-depth market research and team building


Our data

Token Distribution

Transparency is our highest company value and therefore we are transparent in showing you the exact token distribution

If you want to validate the shown data, you can check all wallets here -> BscScan - SCT Holders

  • ~ 24% Pancakeswap Liquidity
  • ~ 17% Burned
  • ~ 12% Locked Tokens
  • ~ 9% Locked into Staking
  • ~ 6% Token Reserve
  • ~ 4% Staking Pool
  • ~ 1% Marketing Funds
  • ~ 1% Giveaway Wallet
  • Name: Safechaintoken
  • Type: BEP20 (BSC)
  • Symbol: SCT
  • Initial Supply: 250,000,000 SCT
  • Total Burned: ~ 42,000,000 SCT
  • Marketcap:
    0 $
  • Final Supply: ~ 208,000,000 SCT
  • Buy / Sell Tax: 12%
  • Holders: 4300+
  • All time high: ~ 0.06$
  • Staking Pool: 9,900,000 SCT
  • Rewards Paid:
    0 SCT
  • TVL:
    0 $
  • Staking Periods: 30, 60, 90 days
  • Next Product: Safechainswap (Q1/2022)
Data information

Realtime Data

Current price
0 $
Current Marketcap
0 $
Total Staking Rewards
Total Value Locked
0 $


Apply for a Partnership

We are currently looking for young projects that would like to work with us. After we have checked your project, we can list you on our Swap. So if you want more reach and want to see your token on another DEX, don't hesitate to contact us.



Marketing Inquiries

Are you a Youtuber, influencer or do you have a marketing agency? Feel free to contact us to discuss potential marketing collaborations.

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Our Valued Voting Partners

Voting Sites

We would be very grateful if you would take the time to vote for us every day.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Safechaintoken ($SCT) ?

    The Safechaintoken is a utility token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. The Safechaintoken team is building a vibrant ecosystem to enable products for our investors to drive the utility and the demand for the Safechaintoken.

  • When did the Safechaintoken launch?

    The Safechaintoken had its presale on the Dxsale platform and was launched last October 24, 2021 on Pancakeswap.

  • Where can I buy Safechaintoken?

    Currently, you can only buy Safechaintoken on Pancakeswap, but soon we will launch our own swap platform. In the future, we will also try to list on multiple CEX (Centralized Exchanges).

  • Has the Safechaintoken Contract been audited?

    The Safechaintoken Contract is verified on BSC Scan and we have done two Audits. Our Audit partners are Solidproof and TechAudit

  • Is Safechaintoken listed on a CEX?

    Currently, we are not listed on any CEX, but we are considering a listing. If you are an official from any CEX, please contact @fabianwunn on Telegram or write us a mail at [email protected]

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